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3955 N Flowing Wells Rd

Tucson, AZ 85705

New Covid-19 Procedures

1. If you do not feel well, PLEASE stay home .


2. Individuals (solo) only being serviced in salon area, unless you are a caregiver.


3. Please arrive early - it is very important to keep students on schedule. 


4. Please shampoo hair no more than 2 hours before your appointment - this applies to all services! 


5. Once you arrive, please come inside to check-in and sign waiver. Let our receptionist know you have arrived. 


6. After you’ve checked in please return to car/parking lot to wait until student is ready to serve you. 


7. You may also ask for a chair to sit outside and wait - we know it’s hot but rules are rules. 


8. Students will go out to parking lot with a sign with your name.


9. Wait times may be longer due to Covid 19 protocol, we appreciate you being patient and understanding!


Celine Ayon,

Cosmetology Graduate

I can't thank TCOB enough for helping me start my career. Myself and others came to TCOB as a result of the sudden and unexpected closure of Regency in 2016. Mrs Carr accommodated all of our schedules and really made it possible for us to thrive at our new home at TCOB. I encourage anyone interested in the beauty industry to choose TCOB, it is clear to me and others just how much they care about seeing us succeed. I will be a guest instructor once a month at TCOB teaching Locs and Braiding. I really hope to be a part of you all making your dreams come true. 

Kiana Shelby,

Nail Tech Graduate

Hdello! I am a Nail Technician and Business owner of ClawsBy_Kiana,  specializing in sculpted acrylics and nail art. I am so proud to be a TCOB alumni - I credit them with preparing me for a career in the nail industry. As soon as I graduated I was able to dive head first into the industry as a booth-renting nail tech. Before I knew it I was three months in and my books were completely filled! I am excited to pay it forward to all of the new TCOB students who share my passion for nails. 


Cosmetology Graduate

I loved getting to always learn new things. It was terrifying but exciting, learning to perfect my craft with new people every single day. 


Esthetics Graduate

I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to complete the esthetician program at TCOB. I met so many amazing people during this experience. I had such sweet instructors that worked hard every day to guide me to learn what I need to know!