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Hottest Things to do in Tucson and the Hair Styles to Match



Whether you are a long time resident or just passing by, Tucson has a wide variety of places to go and things to see. Here are a few of our favorite “hotspots” around the Tucson area. But it makes no sense to head to these local fun spots without looking your best. We’ve included a quick hairstyle guide with each location to make your experience even better.


The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum


This “museum” isn’t really a museum. It’s more like a modern take on a zoo. There are almost 2 miles of easy walking trails through the beautiful desert scenery. You can easily see real plants and animals in their natural habitats. They also feature 4 different food areas with excellent food and even better views.  Plan on spending at least 2-3 hours there, but be warned since it is an outdoors experience bring plenty of sunscreen!

Hairstyle Guide

This activity may sound like a walk in the park (it kind of is) but remember that Tucson is notorious for it’s high temps, and unrelenting sunshine. It might be tempting to take a “long hair don’t care” attitude, you’ll likely by sweaty and frizzy.

Think of this like you would a day out hiking or even exercising, a top-knot bun or milkmaid braids are perfect for this adventure and super cute to boot!

Commoner & Co

This spot is perfect for all the foodies out there. They feature New American style and comfort food, but packed with creativity. They specialize in brunches and dinner and have great bar options too. For brunch we love a breakfast poutine, served with short rib, 2 over easy eggs, house made fries and cheese curds. The real creative flair shows up in their cocktail menu! Check out the Silver Fox (rum, basil and fresh grapefruit juice) or any of their unique options.

Hairstyle Guide

This adventure is worth some adventurous hair! You’re there to enjoy the finer side of Tucson creativity, rock a textured faux-hawk or maybe even try this neat faux-hawk braid.

Or if you want a more mellow style to enjoy your bountiful breakfast adventure, try something like a faux shaved side by twisting back the hair from your temple to the top of your ear and pinning.

Mini Time Machine

Tucson College of Beauty

courtesy of @Olaplex

This is a real neat museum of over 300 models and miniatures.  They  showcase colonial miniatures but also have a lot of variety. Just like any museum they’ll have special exhibits. Our favorites are the miniature military figures, the amount of detail put into these is astounding!

Hairstyle Guide

This museum is a fun time to be had by all, but there is a ton to look at and interact with so the last thing that you want is to be distracted by a high-maintenance hair style. A nice fishtail braid or two is perfect for this outing.

Gaslight Theatre –  

The Gaslight Theatre has been a community staple for over 38 years. They offer a family friendly environment and hilarious original plays that everyone can enjoy. Currently they are  featuring a superhero play called “The Freedom League”. This play has many recognizable characters such as Wonder Woman and Captain America. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, they also host many one and done type of shows and live music events.

Hairstyle Guide

Avoid high hair while sitting in an audience, but do get as creative as possible with this one. Perhaps some cute pig tail buns (picture a low-sitting Princess Leia style) to allow you the freedom to move around and get involved in the production!

Amalour Revival Lounge

This upscale restaurant is a family owned culinary experience you have to enjoy. Their menu will change with the seasons because they believe in buying local and fresh at the farmer’s market.  In general you can expect American style cuisine with Italian, Greek and Spanish influences.

Hairstyle Guide

This revival lounge is the place to let your hair down, literally. The comfy bohemian feel of the lounge is the perfect setting for loose, soft curls and a braided crown. Check out this tutorial for inspiration (and guidance- they can be tricky!) and then head on down to the revival.

U of A Basketball Game –Tuscon Mckale Center

The Wildcats are a nationally recognized basketball program. Every year they have a competitive team that makes some noise at the end of the year tournament. As a PAC 12 school you know that the fans bring an electric atmosphere to each home game. Come cheer the team on with mascots Wilbur and Wilma in a fantastic atmosphere at the McKale Center.

Hairstyle Guide

You’ve probably been in at least one riot-squad in your life or at least to a tailgate celebration for a football game. Channel those experiences, go big with some temporary color and show support of the home team!

The Shelter at Tucson Underground

This neon lit, funky, swanky lounge boasts vintage JFK memorabilia, sparkly vinyl chairs, pinball games and a whole lot of nostalgia. The Shelter wants you to experience a blast from the past with Sunday 80’s nights and disco on Mondays and Wednesdays. Go treat yourself to a martini and rock that hairstyle of your younger years.

Hairstyle Guide

If you’re going to go to club with themed decades nights, you absolutely must be in character. If your hair isn’t big, curly and back-combed in at least one place: you’re doin’ it wrong.

Try this tutorial and channel your inner grease lightening

Hotel Congress –

You can’t have a list of hot places to go without a including the Hotel Congress. Established in 1919, this hotel was around when famous bank robber and outlaw John Dillinger was caught and tried in Tucson. They now host the annual Dillinger Days event every January. During the rest of the year they have awesome rock music, good eats and drinks plus a fantastic night’s sleep if you are looking for a place to stay.

Hairstyle Guide

Tucson College of Beauty Tips

courtesy of @greathairinspiration

This venue was made to rock, so channel your inner rocker and go edgy! Good style is always appreciated. Try a sleek high-pony with volume, it’s super simple and fit for any event.

Simply section the hair in the center of your forehead (about a 1” section) and tease/back comb to generate some volume. Pull rest of your hair into a polished high pony and then smooth the section you back-combed and secure with a bobby pin near the elastic.

Need help?  See if this tutorial makes things easier!

These are just a few of the many hotspot places that the city of Tucson has to offer. Here at Tucson College of Beauty we’re ready to help you rock any of these hairstyles for the hotspot you are visiting. 

Our students love to help you express your creativity in the salon. Stop on by for a shampoo, cut & style for only $12 today! You’ll leave looking and feeling at your best and ready to take on the hottest spots in Tucson!