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Five things your stylist wants you to know

Jensen Carr

Do you ever wonder what kind of thoughts are bouncing around in your stylist’s head? We are here to tell you what is on their mind and what they wish you, as a client, knew.

“Dirty hair is not bad hair”
They really want you know that washing your hair every day is not necessary. Also, don’t waste your time washing your hair right before an appointment with them! They deal with hair all day, every day; two-day old hair is not going to freak them out. And trust them, they get it—it gets hot and you get sweaty. You are going to have the urge to watch your hair. But there is a magical product called dry shampoo that will forever change your life and hair, for the better. Almost every product line has come out with one of their own, so just ask your stylist what their favorite is and give it a try!

“We are hairstylists not magicians”
As much as you want to go from your black, boxed hair color to platinum blonde in one appointment, it’s just not feasible. Believe it or not, they are always on your side. What you want is what they want. So when they tell you that a certain style is going to be too damaging or is going to take processes to get perfect, they aren’t lying to you; they are just giving you realistic expectations.

“When you don’t show up, we lose money”
They understand that your schedule can get busy and things come up. Regardless of the type of salon your stylist is working in, when you don’t show up it negatively affects their schedule. They set aside a certain amount of time when you schedule an appointment and when you decide that getting brunch with your bestie trumps getting your hair done, then they lose any chance of making money for that certain period of time. Be considerate of their time and let them know in advance if you’re not going to be able to make it. They will be forever appreciative.

“It’s offensive when you ask us to work for free”
Most cosmetologists pay anywhere from $12,000 to as much as $25,000 for cosmetology school. School is exhausting and trying, but they work their butts off to finish school and pass their boards. When you come to salon and ask for free services, you are discrediting their trade and career. Have you ever gone to a doctor’s office and said, “Can you not charge me for this MRI? I’m already paying for the appointment itself, so can you just give it to me for free?” No, I’m sure you have never done such a thing because you wouldn’t want to offend the doctor. It’s the same idea here, folks. They know that hair can get expensive, but this their career and this is how they pay their bills. So just keep that in mind the next time you want to try to squeeze a free service out of your stylist!

“The majority of Pinterest hair images are photoshopped”
Don’t get them wrong, they love when you come in with pictures of exactly what you have in mind. Unfortunately, there are not always the most accurate images through Pinterest. Everyone loves that rainbow tie-dye hair but the reality of achieving that is slim to none, not to mention in the short, two-hour appointment that you’re scheduled for. Come in with an open mind, and let your stylist guide you in the right/realistic direction.

Are you a cosmo? Can you relate to any of these or do you have some thoughts of your own? Comment and tell us what you wish your clients knew!

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