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Ann Hatcher
Position: Education manager/ Instructor
Years with Company: 11
Place of Birth: Green Bay, Wisconsin.



Ms. Hatcher was an accomplished Cosmetologist long before joining the team at TCOB in 2004.

Ms. Hatcher’s list of accomplishments include; being a successful Salon Owner, Spa Manager, Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist for Movies as well as being a published Author. When asked how she felt about teaching Cosmetology at Tucson College of Beauty for the past 11 years, she said “Time flies when you having fun!”.

Ms. Hatcher truly loves teaching Cosmetology and enjoys sharing all that she’s learned over the years. She has educated more Cosmo’s in Tucson than she can count.

When asked what her long-term professional goal was, she realized that she has already met all of the professional goals that she had set for herself, so she’s now in the process of making a new goal. Check back to see what she does next.